About us

Who are our customers?

Orion works for large and often complex (international) organisations for which the fleet is an essential part of their primary business operations. They are heavily dependent on the deployability of the fleet, their vehicles often have a specialist character and their financial footprint is considerable. We call this ‘business-critical mobility’.

Many of our customers regard the maintenance that ‘business-critical mobility’ as a non-core part of their business. So they are happy to outsource it to a high-quality, specialised service provider. That partner is Orion.


How do we work?

Based on a sector-specific approach, Orion takes over the fleet management, workplace and/or service processes from the client. That means that customers can leave the operational management of the fleet to Orion and focus all their attention on their organisation’s core activities.

With the ‘OrionGrip’ online management system, the entire maintenance process for the vehicles becomes transparent and all the required information can be reported in detail.

Who are we?

Orion Fleet Management is a label of ‘Orion Complex Fleets B.V.’, a 100% subsidiary of Pon.

Orion is an independent operator, uses a multi-brand approach and is primarily active in the following sectors (see also ‘Cases’ for a selection of customer examples):

  • Waste & Recycling (such as GDF Suez & Remondis)
  • Aviation (such as Schiphol Airport)
  • Public Transport/Taxi sector (such as Transdev – Connexxion/Veolia, Keolis/Syntus).
  • Government organisations (such as the Dutch Security Regions)

The labels from which “Orion Complex Fleets B.V.” carries out its activities in the above sectors are:

  • BusPartners
  • WastePartners
  • AirportPartners
  • DefencePartners

Orion Fleet Management has its headquarters in Barneveld in the Netherlands.

Orion supplies customised solutions. We most probably also have a solution for your sector. We would be happy to visit you for a non-binding conversation.

Terms and conditions

Our delivery of products and services are carried out with due observance of our general terms and conditions.



At Orion we are busy limiting our ecological footprint. One of the things is to reduce our CO2 emissions.
We also have a solution for the emissions that remain. We are proud to announce that we are a partner of Trees for All and that our CO2 emissions are compensated.

We compensate through the project in Bolivia, where Trees for All has been active since 2008. There, farmers are helped to switch to sustainable agroforestry. This is an alternative to traditional agriculture and cattle-breeding, in which a lot of forest is lost.

The farmers receive support to plant indigenous trees, in combination with coffee, cocoa and other crops. In this way, degraded soils are restored and the land is made fertile again. As a result, people can continue to live in the area and all kinds of plant and animal species return. In addition, agroforestry provides better income for farmers. In this way, this project contributes to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions!

Who do we work for?

Orion works for organisations with large, complex non-core fleets or asset fleets.
We are primarily active in the Waste & Recycling, Airport and Public Transport sector for companies such as Suez, Remondis, Schiphol, Connexxion and Keolis.

Would you like to know more or are you interested in an analysis of your fleet?